- Road Test and Assessment of Various Components with Highly Qualified
  Engineers and 450 Advanced Equipments

Categorization Test Design Dimension(Length/Width) Use
Basic Performance Linearity Test 1000/30 Acceleration Test, Braking Test
Turning Test R50 Minimum Turning Angle and Adjusted Safety Test
Special Performance Test Belgian 200/7 Ride, NVH Performance and Durability Performance Assessment
Hill Climbing Test Grade 20% Parking Brake Ability and Break Test
Cobblestone 100/4 Noise, Vibration and Application Test
ABS 200/7 Slip Test, ABS Test
Vehicle Test 100/4 Strength, Vibration and Application Test
Long Wave Type 100/4 Ride Performance and Full Bump Durability Test
Asphalt Repair 100/4 Ride Performance, Noise, Vibration Evaluation and Durability Test
Wash Board 200/4 Durability, Adjusted Performance Assessment and NVH Test
Noise Generation 200/4 Vibration and Noise Test
Standard 200/4 Durability and Performance Test
Maintenance Window and Control Tower Maintenance Window Control Tower 3Floors
Test Vehicle Maintenance and Control
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