Research Area
- Support the Research Department and Test
- Maintenance and Management of KOLAS Issue and Management of Certificate of Test
- Management of the Test Analysis Equipment
- Support Manufacturing of Prototypes, Test JIGs Specimens
- Management of the Test Request
- Test Analysis and Support of Field Technology
- Maintenance of Test Equipment
Equipment and Softwares
- Tri-Axial Elastomer Simulator
- Rubber Bush Endurance Test System
- 3ch Suspension Bush Durability simulator
- 1ch Engine Mount Durability Testing System
- Rubber Dynamic Mechanical Test Analyzer
- High Pressure Hose Durability Tester
- Damping Reduction Elastomer Dynamic Properties Tester
- National Certificational facilities
- 48inch Single Roll
- Certificational facilities for automotive fuel economy
- Stereo Lithography Appratus
- 3D Laser Scanning System
- Meter Part Casting machine
Equipment and Softwares
- Test and Support of the rubber enterprise
- Development and assessment of rubber applied vehicle components
- Remanufacture and evaluation of rubber and plastic components
- KOLAS : Korea Laboratory Accreditation Scheme
- Certificational facilities for automotive fuel economy
- Field technology support
- Standardization and quality certification support