EMI/EMC center provides the world class assessment and analysis service for electric vehicle components, which especially has the greatest technology and infrastructures based on the EMI/EMC research suitable for the next trend of a green-car.
Research Area
- EMI/EMC Precedence Research
  : Electromagnetic reduction circuit design, PCB Artwork technical support, Noise distribution analysis, Simulation
  : Research of permanence reliability improvement through field failure mode analysis of electric vehicle components
  : EMI/EMC assessment : International certification by KOLAS
- Issuing of a public certificate through various electromagnetic wave assessment of electric vehicle components including green-car components, a train, an elevator, a military supply, and an industrial supply as well
Equipment and Softwares
- EMC 10m Anechoic Chamber
- EMC 3m Anechoic Chamber
- EMC Shield Room
- HIVG/HIDL System
- Circuit Design & Simulation Tool
Equipment and Softwares
- Radiated Susceptibility Test : ALSE, Bulk Current Injection, Strip line
- Magnetic Susceptibility Test
- Conducted Transient Immunity Test
- Impulse/Burst Test
- Radiated/Conducted Emission Test
- Conducted Transient Emission Test
- Electrostatic Discharge Test
- GSM Phone Susceptibility Test
- EMI PCB Scanning Test