The Reliability Research Center is dedicated to improving the reliability of the auto parts through the reliability assessment foundation construction, the accelerated test design and verification, reliability technical support of the auto parts supplier, and reliability technology grafting in research and development stage with the vehicle component field reliability certificate authority of the unique in the domestic.
Research Area
- The Auto Parts Reliability Assessment of the World Class Level and License System Establishment
- Establishment of Reliability Improvement Technology Support System
  : Development and Establish Reliability Assessment Standard
  : Reliability Certification of Licensed Products
  : Settlement of Support System for Certified Product, and Spread Reliability Certification Process among Suppliers
- The Accelerated Life Test Method Development for a Life Prediction
- Field Failure Analysis and Real Automobile Base Failure Reappearance
- The Potential Failure Mode and Design Limit Analysis
- The reliability grafting development of research and development stage
Equipment and Softwares
- HALT/HAST System
- SEM/EDS, Confocal Laser Scanning Microscope
- X-Ray Scanning System
- X-Ray Stress Analyzer
- Ultrasonic Non-Destructive Detector
- High Speed Digital Camera
- xEV Motor Dynamometer(150kw)
- High Voltage Power Supply System(1200kW)
- Multi-Axial Micro Wear Tester
- Electric Connector ALT Tester
- Anechoic Chamber
- Buzz, Squeak and Rattle Noise Detection System
- Electromagnetic Vibration Test System
- Electro-Dynamic Shakers
- Vertical Shock & Bump Test System
- Temperature and Humidity Cycle Chamber
- Thermal Shock Tester
- Weathering & Corrosion Cyclic Teste
- Xenon Weather Meter
- High Ozon Concentration Weather Meter
- Chamber with Ir Irradiation
- Air Current Dust Tester(Horizontal, Vertical Type)
- Splash Water Tester
- Abration Test System
- Burst Test Bench
- Rapid Prototyping Machine
- CNC Machining Center
Equipment and Softwares
- Connector Acceleration Durability Test
- High Voltage Parts Assessment
- EV Motor Performance Assessment(150kw)
- Automobile part Squeak And Rattle Noise Evaluations
- SEM/EDS Analysis
- X-Ray & CT Analysis
- Friction Material Test
- Classical Shock/Vibration Test
- Thermal Shock Test
- Xenon Test
- High Ozen Concentration Weather Test
- IR Irradiation Test
- Dust/Water Splash Test
- Temperature & Humidity Cycle Test
- Combined Cyclic Corrosion Test
- Support Manufacturing of Prototype