The Daegu-Gyeongbuk R&D Center is the best R&D center in the development of powertrain components for ICE/Electric vehicles and core-module components for intelligent vehicles and in the reinforce of regional research power according to technical supports and joint-researches between KATECH and regional vehicle companies.
Research Area
- Development of Analysis and Evaluation Technology for the Powertrain System in Green Car
- Development of Design and Analysis Technology for Powertrain Components in Green Car
- Development of Analysis and Evaluation Technology for Intelligent Powertrain Components
- Development of Design Technology for Intelligent Core-module Components in the Driver Assistance System
- Development of Multi-disciplinary and Multi-objective Optimum Design Technology for the Powertrain System
- Development of NVH Testing Technology for Powertrain Components and Design Strategy for Mechanical Component over Vibration
- Development of Multi-purposed Environmental Vibration Testing based on Multi-axial Vibration Simulator
- Development of Component Design Technology for the High Efficient Motor/Decelerator and Evaluation Process for Driving Vehicle Components
- Development of Safety & Stability Evaluation Technology in Electric Vehicles
- Technical supports and joint-researches for each vehicle component of regional vehicle companies
Equipment and Softwares
- Multi Purpose Facility
- Data Acquisition and Analysis System
- Electric Shaker and Controller System
- Portable data acquisition system
- Sound Quality Assessment System
- Acoustic Holography
- Elastic Constant Measurement System
- Pass-by Noise Measurement System
Equipment and Softwares
- Ride and Comfort Testing of Electric Vehicle
- Performance/Endurance Evaluation of Core Component of Electric Vehicle
- NVH Testing of Principle Part of Electric Vehicle
- Vehicle Subjective/Objective Testing Based on Vehicle Dynamics
- Modal Testing of General Vehicle Component
- NVH Testing for Powertrain of Green Carof ICE Engine Component
- Performance/Endurance Evaluation of Core Component of General Vehicle
- Performance/Endurance Testing of Balance Shaft Module
- Dynamic Characteristic Evaluation of Brake Pad