The Environmental materials and components R&D center is a leading player in supporting the green growth of the automotive industry by developing environmentally friendly components and materials for energy saving/conversion, environmental improvement/cleaning.
Research Area
- Ceramic, Polymer, Light Materials and Components
- Fuel Cell, Environment and Energy Related Technology
- Composite/Nano Materials and Components
- Environmentally Friendly Materials and Recycling Technology
- Surface Treatment, Powder Synthesis and Thin/Thick Film Manufacturing
- Design, Process and Analysis Technology For Automotive Materials
- Interior & Exterior Components and Highly Sensitive Automotive Components
- High Emotional Sensibility Components
- Materials Technology for Automotive module
Equipment and Softwares
- Thermal Analysis(TG/DTA/DSC)
- UTM, Impact Test
- Wear and Friction Test
- Ultrasonic Non-Destructive Test
- Furnaces and Chambers
- Fuel Cell Test
- Plasma Thermal Spray, PVD
- Extrusion/Injection Molding
Equipment and Softwares
- Characterization of Organic, Inorganic and Metallic Materials
- Thermal/Mechanical Test of Automotive Components
- Reliability/Durability Test of Automotive Components
- Fuel Cell Components Test and Performance
- Coating and Characterization of Thin/Thick Film
- Molding and Characterization of Polymer