Powertrain System R&D Center is a leading player in the domestic and international automotive parts markets in the R&D of part materials for future power systems as well as existing combustion systems and next-generation fuel engines.
Research Area
- Advanced Powertrain System Technology
- Engine and Powertrain Control Technology for Green-car
- Downsizing Technology for Engine
- Automotive Technology with Next Generation Alternative Fuel System
- Development of Fuel System and Combustion Technique for Alternative Fuel Engines
- Advanced Combustion Technology for High Fuel Economy and Low Emission
- Analysis and Evaluation of an Automotive Afterreatment System
- Development of Control Algorithm and Performance Optimization for Aftertreatment System
- Performance Test and Evaluation Technique of Engines for Green-car
- Development of Fuel Economy and Emission Performance of Engines for Green-car
- ECU Development and Engine Mapping Techniques
- Vehicle Optimization of Fuel Economy and Emission
- Optimization for Engine Component parts
- Technical Supports for small and medium Businesses
Equipment and Softwares
- Engine dynamometer system
- Measuresing systems and software
Equipment and Softwares
- Engine Test for development of Performance and Emission
- Performance Test of Exhaust Aftertreatment System
- Application and Evaluation for Engine of Engine component parts
- Endurance Performance Test of Engine and Engine component parts